Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 Compact Home Theater System

Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 Compact Home Theater System


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Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 Compact Home Theater System
  • AN ECONOMICAL 6-PIECE COMPACT SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM – Polk’s Blackstone TL1600 Home Theater includes (4) TL1 Satellite Speakers, (1) TL1 Center Channel and (1) TL1600 Powered Subwoofer, ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms. Includes Detachable Grilles
  • CREATES A SOUNDSTAGE COMPARABLE TO ANY LARGE SYSTEM. The center channel features (2) 2.5" Dynamic Balance drivers, a 0.5" silk dome tweeter & injection molded cones, & the satellites each have a same-sized driver & tweeter for realistic audio detailing
  • UNIQUE CURVED SHAPE BASED ON "TIME LENS TECHNOLOGY" – These Blackstone speakers are designed to align the acoustic centers of tweeter and mid-bass in the same plane that puts you right in the heart of a dramatic & thrilling surround sound experience
  • AN EXPLOSIVE 50-WATT SUBWOOFER – 8" down-firing sub in satin black finish is a power-packed complement, timber matched to all 5 speakers. It not only looks good but also gives deep rumbling bass making you a part of the action – that too at a great value!
  • The APERIODIC-TUNED REAR-FIRING BASS PORT delivers bass extension and boosts the audio on a shelf or against the wall. It also helps blend the speakers and subwoofers perfectly together, thus producing a smoother, realistic sound
  • EASY TO CONNECT AND OPERATE – No matter how you choose to set them up, these speakers easily connect to any receiver. Use the satellites as front speakers, left-right, or rear surrounds for heightened effect; the horizontal center can also be wall-mounted
  • POLK'S UNMATCHED QUALITY AT A SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE. You can now enjoy premium quality audio and a spectacular cinematic experience in the comfort of your home – thanks to Polk's unwavering commitment towards sound innovation & expert engineering

TL1600 Blackstone in Use

In our large home theater room the small TL1600 multi-channel system seems almost a little lost. We treated, set up and calibrated the compact speaker system with the same attention as we would with a full-size high-end surround system, to sound as optimal as possible and to really see and hear what it could do. After several hours of burn-in, the Polk Audio TL1600 was ready to prove itself in movie mode. We put ‘The Hobbit‘ trilogy in the blu-ray disc tray and let the special effects of Smaugs wings and roaring fire blast our ears. Admittedly, the subwoofer doesn't dive into the deepest end of the bass pool, but it does a much better job in the upper layers of the bass, which it plays in our room with vigor and precision. To our surprise, the inconspicuous satellites sounded powerful and very balanced without emphasizing individual frequency ranges, even when playing at absurd volume levels. Fine details are well resolved and are easy to spot in even the busiest battle.

TL1 Satellite Speakers & Center

The four very compact TL1 satellite speakers can be discreetly integrated into most homes due to their small dimensions. On the back is a keyhole bracket with which the speaker can be mounted on a wall. Alternatively, you can use the speakers on a shelf or on a suitable stand. Due to the curved shape and molded ridges on the inside of the cabinet, the compact speakers are sufficiently sturdy and stable. As a special feature, the 'Time lens technology', the tweeter is slightly recessed to bring the acoustic centers of the midrange and tweeter on the same spatial plane. The identical satellites are full two-way systems, each equipped with a 65 mm woofer and one 13 mm silk dome. The center speaker have similar features as the satellites, however, the center speaker is for horizontal installation and has two midrange drivers. On the back you'll find an aperiodic-tuned bass reflex port to optimize and push the bass range slightly.

TL1600 Active Subwoofer

To support the satellites in the bass, Polk Audio include an active down-firing subwoofer suitable for rooms up to 70 square feet. Using the 100-watt active amplifier on the back of the subwoofer in combination with a long-stroke 200mm bass driver, the TL1600 generates plenty of momentum from about 45 Hertz. The equipped amplifier allows for infinite adjustment of the cut-off frequency of 80 to 160 Hz and the phase can be adjusted 180 degrees with a switch. High feet with rubber ends decouple the subwoofer from the floor and create the necessary distance to the floor, allowing the driver to move smoothly and breathe. The downward firing vented port is not susceptible to interfering flow noise due to the large diameter.

TL1600 - 6-Piece Home Theater System

All models in the Blackstone TL Series are available in convenient, professionally matched 5-packs for instant home theater solutions in any room. There are two complete systems available that include a subwoofer; everything you need for an explosive, compact, easy-to-connect home theater system. Plus, you can use individually-available satellites to expand your systems to accommodate 6.1, 7.1 and beyond.

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